Electronician Electronician

Main Responsibilities:

During production process, the Electronician is obliged to ensure timely production of operational switching and repair, prevention of electrical equipment.

If, at the end of the working day, the Electronician  received a switching order from the 10kV dispatcher, he is obliged to fulfill this order and, after completing this, notify the on-duty dispatcher of 10kV ZRES in Dushanbe.

Electronician  during the execution of work and operational switching is the person responsible for the correct implementation of all orders related to the production of operational switching, for the implementation of organizational and technical measures to ensure the safety of work.


- Work experience: not less than 3 years

- Languages: Russian-fluent, English-fluent

- Computer skills: confident user, word, excel, sap, internet, outlook, internet explorer.

- Degree in Electrical or Elecrtonical Engineering

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